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yikes.  i am feeling sick.  i guess its just a cold,except its been getting worse instead of better.  then again, it could just be that early morning thing-ive found that i always feel worse in the morning and at night when i have a cold (or when you wake up because of it!). 

i really think this is the greatest job!!   i also thought, for awhile, that i might be incapable of doing it.  teaching is so much harder than being a student (who knew?).   the greatest part of my semester has been my seminar.  it's led by a really great English teacher from Guilderland.  all we do is sit around and talk about our week (the good, the bad, the ugly) and get advice.  my students are just starting "personal essays" this week.  eighth graders are fun to work with-i can't wait for the rollerskating trip!!  i do freak out a lot while doing this job, but only in my head and only when im supposed to be sleeping or enjoying free time etc.  its been really necessary for me in some ways to keep thinking about a lesson, at least as a new teacher.  maybe its something ill always do.  who knows?  it's also so hard to tell if the kids are engaged sometimes.  i know some of them are.  i love those small moments like when they go out of their way to greet me in the hall or when they read me their poems after class.

it's fRIDAY!!  i have planned a state test for the weekend (a nystate teaching certification exam) and also planning...  hahaha.  oh and maybe recovering from my cold.
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