ttt (jazzhot) wrote,

harry potter

so ok i actually decided that i should put some stuff here for anyone who has finished the book and wants to talk about some things because id love to talk about it.

i just had a couple of opinion things mostly.  i really loved everything about the ending, especially the snape stuff which i totally called and in fact, a few people told me they didnt like me because i believed he was going to be amazing.   anyway, i also loved the complexity of everything involving dumbledore and the backstory which i definitely was not expecting.  it was very cool because i remember being sad that once he died we would not learn more about him or how he came to be who he was.  silly me.  jk rowling is just too awesome.

obviously im most sad about fred.  he wasn't even on the short list of people i did not want to die, which included neville (he was at the top so im glad he's not dead, ron, and lupin :(  )

one thing i couldn't quite get was the baby crying when he was talking to dumbledore, but i only read it through once and rather quickly, so i wasn't sure why no one could help it or what it represented.   i really loved the fact that slytherin was redeemed through the character of snape and that it was not this pure evil thing from which  no good person ever came, because that would imply that sorting a kid into that house meant they would turn out bad.   one line i liked even referred to that, when dumbledore said he thought they sorted too early.

anyway, i think it was a great book. i loved the ending.  it might even be my favorite book towards the end especially.  i did not like the epilogue future sort of thing.  it just seemed too perfect or something and i guess i would have liked it more if it was up to the reader to think about that or decide.   i also thought someone should have named a kid after fred.  haha. 
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