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There is an article over @ the times about the new stadiums that raised a concern I hadn't really considered (having not gotten beyond the nostalgic sadness ..and the "city field" thing for Shea). Pricing changes and overall seating. The new stadiums hold less people--I know that this is usually not an issue but at those big important rivalries it's really nice to pack em in there. So there will be more of those expensive boxes etc. and the real question is, will we still be able to get those 9 or 12 dollar nose bleeders in any great number or for the same price? I mean ..they get you in parking costs anyway!!

The article is written by a Yankee fan, who, on his recent trip to Yankee Stadium, wrote that he saw the new stadium "taking shape like the unfinished Death Star." Can I just say that I think this is the third Death Star simile I have come across in the last month. I love it.

I'm at work right now. Not much happens. I get paid $12 an hour to be at GE and drink all their tea and play Planet Puzzle League on my DS. Being around the internet just makes me want to spend money. Occasinally I reserve people rooms and buzz them in. I love my new Jordans that I did not need

So I'm really glad that I opted to take some risks with the job thing instead of falling back on surefire places that would pay me less like my SUNY RACC job. This is my last day here, very sadly, but after this I'll be at a law office. Hopefully it will be a positive atmosphere.

I can't wait to be at Shea next week. I really hope that the new stadium doesn't smell crisp and new or clean or something...I hope it smells like grease and deep fried stuff and peanuts and beer...and I hope they still look the other way when you pay for the nosebleeds and end up behind home plate after the 7th inning. My only hope is that the cost of the stadium will prevent them from spending too much on security.

I love the summer. I had to remind myself yesterday to appreciate the fact that I was walking around withOUT a jacket and gloves. I know in the winter it is hard to even conceive of things like that ever having been possible! I might as well enjoy it but I guess that is why it's all relative. After a few weeks, I forget about the cold and don't really appreciate the warmth so I complain about the humidity. Haha you can never win..without perspective anyway.
I promised myself I would do homework at 12.. from 8-12..tetris.. You'd think that would be enough time to get on track. I'm pretty bad at this stuff. I really think the new hanson CD is soooo good. Lisa made me change the CD in the car haha.

My mac has trouble with myspace. I get errors a lot when trying to .. do anything. You'd think they'd fix that. I'm pretty sure my firefox is updated. Oh well.. It's not like I'm short on ways to procrastinate.

These are very random comments. So here is another one. If you play Tetris Attack (aka planet puzzle league, pan de pon etc.) and you look at some of the YouTube Videos... it's insanity! I feel slow minded. how is this possible!
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